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Crystal Device Advantages


Micro and Nanotechnologies are small but very intelligent. There are in watches, mobile phones, vehicles and daily life tools… Micro techniques are made by the larger companies in the world. The strength of micro techniques is to cross sciences and technology in order to make more intelligent interfaces. Potentials are considerable, economy shows very interesting growth rate, and industry knows what will be the components of the future and their applications.

Both the miniaturization and the integration of complementary functions were at the base of Crystal Device spirit, in order to combine micro techniques and microelectronics and to think about new applications, to improve performances, to reduce weight, size, electric consumption, energy and materials.

Advantages are various. More than the size improvement and performances, Crystal Device‘s technology is opening ways to new applications in Optics and Piezo application fields. Crystal Device is a young innovative company specialized in micro techniques components conception, smaller and more efficient. Crystal Device has a unique expertise in the field of smart materials processing.

Developed from R&D works started in 2006, Crystal Device‘s technology offers precise control thickness of bulk smart materials from several microns up to millimeters.

Innovation relies on the processing of electro active structure that leads to exhibit high intrinsic properties of ferroelectrics, ceramics or single crystals, in micro massive structure, that reduce considerably both the driving voltage and required interaction length. The design is composed by a thin plate of active materials between designed high bandwidth electrodes.

Through the independent control of thickness, length, width and electrodes design of each developed structure, Crystal Device’s components perfectly fit with customers systems, advantageously replacing the traditional components.

It’s now necessary to change our mind: imagine your systems and components will adapt!