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The French IoT : The microsystems embedded expertise – French

October 15, 2015

Crystal Device Technology is about to commercialize an independent energy harvesting micro system. Integrated in soles of connected shoes, this solution allows to produce and harvest the energy generated by the body movements when the person is moving. Beyond the shoes, this technology can be used with any kind of connected objects and it answers to a common issue: the autonomy lack of these systems.

Crystal Device Technology is strengthening its innovation - French

October 2, 2015

When the company was created in 2011, this one was specialized in miniaturized electro-optical components. These micro components have been created through the company patented technology. Today, and thanks to several organizations’ support, the company was able to finalize its innovation. Crystal Device is now engaged in the development of microsystems which will harvest the energy generated by the human body movements.

Harlem Désir visiting TEMIS Health - French

September 29, 2015

Friday, September 25, the Secretary of State for European Affairs has traveled to Besancon. The purpose of his visit was to learn more about innovation in the regional biomedical sector. This is an area in which researches from the university's laboratories play a major role. During this day, he had the opportunity to have a talk with the leadership of Crystal Device and some other innovative companies during a round table meeting in order to measure the impact of EU financial assistance on these companies' innovative projects.

The human body, as an energy source – French

March 10, 2015

Recharging a smartphone's battery with energy produced by motions, is now possible. The company, which is developing miniaturized components for the smart systems, chose to progress to a broader and expanded area : the piezoelectricity. Thanks to the company’s expertise, this one can now counteract the smart systems' autonomy’s lack by offering energy harvesting solutions.

The Franche-Comté area was present at Eurosatory 2014 – French

June 22, 2014

Supported by the Microtechnics Park, in partnership with several actors of local economic development, the Franche-Comté region has set up a collective stand to highlight the region and its expertise in high added value in the sectors of aeronautics, space, but also defense and security. Many regional companies were present at the collective pavilion of Franche-Comté on the Eurosatory 2014, including Crystal Device.

Crystal Device: a technology which uses new intelligent synthetic materials – French

February 21, 2014

In 2012, the "Norbert SEGARD" Young creator's prize was awarded to Marc BOUVROT-PARRATTE for his company : Crystal Device. He has developed a technology which uses smart materials in order to produce micro-miniaturized components up to 40 times, and which consume 10 times less power. The benefits of the Crystal Device's technology involve vast gains in space and energy consumption.

Marc Bouvrot, Crystal Device company founder – French

July 09, 2013

Business Actor has interviewed the founder of Crystal Device's Company, Marc BOUVROT-PARRATTE. In this interview, he talks about his career, his company concept, his role in it, and the development expected very soon in the US.

Crystal device plunges into the infinitely small – French

February 22, 2012

We are a few days before the official company launching. During two years, Marc BOUVROT-PARRATTE has prepared meticulously that Day with the support of the innovative business incubator of Franche-Comté in Besançon. Created in May 2011, Crystal Device realizes components from smart materials which convert electrical signals into optical information.

Crystal Device Technology: Micro light modulator – French


This component allows to control the light polarization state for purposes associated with fiber optic communications short distances, but can also be in non-fibered way to fit in lasers in general. For exemple, it can be used in applications like Q-Switch or pulse-pickers. This innovation focuses on the electro-active materials formatting, because these components have particularly high properties for their exploitation in confined structure which allowing reductions in terms of size and power consumption.

The winners of “Réseau Entreprendre Franche-Comté” – French


Marc, 27 years old, holds a physics Ph.D. Optics and Photonics specialty. In 2005, he was involved in several R&D programs. After obtaining his thesis in 2010, he joined the Franche-Comté incubator to prepare the creation of an innovative technology company based on his thesis researches about conceiving small and powerful electronics components.