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Management Team


Marc BOUVROT-PARRATTE, 31, Chairman, CTO and Founder

Marc began his career in 2001 with a French high school degree specialized in sciencein Besançon (France, East side). He chose to pursue his career by going to the regional University of Sciences. There, he passed with success and received a bachelor’s degree in Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Automation, and decided in 2004, to continue his career by passing Master’s Degree in Electronics and Optics. He graduated in 2006 and began to engage himself in a Doctoral thesis in Physical Optics & Photonics. He presented his oral thesis on February 8, 2010.

Alongside his studies, in 2005, Marc chose to commit himself to a professional career as a Research and Development Engineer in the Transfer Centre for Micro and Nanotechnologies in Besançon. After he submitted his thesis, he integrated the Incubator of innovative companies in Franche-Comté to prepare the creation of Crystal Device during an incubation period of 18 months. Crystal Device was created in June 2011.


Cindy TARDEVET, 27, Executive assistant

Cindy began her career with an Economic and Social French high school degree, in 2005, in Besançon (France,East Side). She chose to continue her career and to go to the regional University. She received a master’s degree specialized in General Private Law. She received this degree in 2009.
She then decided to prepare herself for the Insertion and Probation Advisor contest, while she was investing as a Customer Service hostess within the company “Leroy Merlin” in Besançon.
In 2012, Cindy chose to specialize herself in another activity, Human Resources, and received a bachelor’s degree. Cindy chose to carry out this last studying year with a year internship, in a company named SignauxGirod, which is specializes in the production of signage. She worked there as a Human Resources Assistant. She was in charge of training, recruitment and payroll.

After that period, Cindy joined the Crystal Device team and currently occupies the position of Executive Assistant and Human Resources Manager.


Cédric GUICHARD, 37, Chief Technology Officer

Cedric received a Scientific French High school diploma in 1996. He chose to continue his career by studying Mechanical and Production Engineering and he obtained his bachelor’s degree and his master’s degree in Engineering Components and Mechanical Systems.

In 2005, he joined the regional Transfer Centre about micro and nanotechnologies in Besançon (France, East Side) as a Research Engineer, then he participated in many R&D projects and chose to specialize himself in cleanroom process work. In June 2012, he joined Crystal Device as a Chief Technology Officer.He is developing the technological processes for the components production of tomorrow and specializes in microsystems. He is also a specialist in cleanroom (thin film deposition under vacuum, photolithography, bonding...)


Jean-Louis MALINGE, 61, Advisor

Accomplished Executive with strong experience in R&D that later evolved towards Business Management. Extensive experience as a General Manager and CEO in France and in the United States. Strong experience in formulating strategy to position or reposition numerous businesses. Led numerous acquisition projects, managed the creation of a successful Joint-Venture in Asia and led the sale of a start-Up to a NASDAQ company.

Catalyst for positive change who provides leadership by infusing organizations with customer-centric processes and active customer engagement as the top priority. Exceptional leader with a can-do attitude and strong ability to motivate teams to succeed by meeting aggressive timelines.

Specialist inphotonics, optoelectronics, R&D, fiber optic, semiconductors, product management, product development…


Jean-Pierre GOEDGEBUER, 64, Advisor

Double PhD in Physics and in Optics and Spectroscopy, plus many years’ experience as Director. Start by being Optical Lab Executive, and managing the entire Joint Research Unit of CNRS/University of Franche-Comté (France, East side), approximately 130 persons. Then, he worked as Director for another Lab, the Franco-American laboratory GTL-CNRS TELECOM, with more focused work in the optical telecommunications and signal encryption.

Then, he became Chief Scientist Officer and managed the Sciences Automobiles entity at PSA Peugeot Citroën manufacturer, to find new processes. He is now Director of a company specialized in technologies market research in France and everywhere else.

Specialist in optics, electrics and electronics engineering, laser, optoelectronics, sensors, nanotechnology, biomedical…